Fashion Business Course ‘Breaking into the UK Market’ is a practical 3-day boutique seminar organised by the London fashion agency for emerging designers Fashion Bloc and a PR agency Felicities. After a successful course in 2017, we are launching a second edition of the Fashion Business Course in May 2018.

This course is aimed at international fashion entrepreneurs, fashion design graduates or brands who want to gain first-hand, practical knowledge of how to break into the UK fashion industry or grow your brand beyond your local market.

The course will enable you to understand the specifics and build the connections necessary to grow to the next level. You will learn from the experienced UK fashion industry professionals who will help you understand, build and grow your brand in the UK, discuss the necessary steps and most common mistakes to avoid when breaking and entering into the most complicated fashion market in Europe.

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London has it all and it’s no surprise it attracts the best fashion talent from all over the world. The cosmopolitan city with the population of over 8.6 million (and growing) seems like a perfect opportunity for the business expansion, especially in the creative sector, right?

But how to actually break into the buzziest fashion markets of them all? Is it possible to open the doors without a special key – the right network of people? A successful business requires more than a great design.

This course is designed for the growth-ready designer brands and graduates looking to launch their own brands. The course is delivered in London by industry professionals, not academics, thus, you will have an opportunity to meet fashion buyers, sales agents, PR consultants and other experts that will help you understand and grow your business.